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Conference: Trying to Say God at Notre Dame University. I've been invited to serve on a panel about “The Marian Effect: Building Strong Women in Writing and Life." My fellow panelists will be Angela Carson, Suzanne Wolf, Karen Beattie, Caroline Langston Jarobe, and Kaye Park Hinckley, with moderator Angela Cybulski.

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June 22-24,


"A fast-paced horror novel which is also funny, intelligent, and spiritually deep... It is rare to find a book of this calibre." -Julie Davis, ​Happy Catholic

​​​​​Jennifer the Damned

When a sixteen-year-old orphan vampire adopted by an order of nuns matures into her immortal, blood-sucking glory, all hell literally breaks loose. Yet with every rapturous taste of blood, Jennifer Carshaw cannot help but long for something even more exquisite: the capacity to experience true love. As she struggles to balance her murderous secret life with homework, cross-country practice, and a new boyfriend, Jennifer delves into the terrifying questions surrounding her inhuman existence, driven by the unexpectedly human need to understand why she is doomed to a life she never chose.

"...a gripping read that reminds us why the preternatural is a dramatic field for our enjoyment and (dare we say it!) moral growth." -Eleanor Nicholson, St. Austin Review


Cinder Allia
Cinder Allia has spent eight years living under her stepmother’s brutal thumb, wrongly punished for having caused her mother’s death. She lives for the day when the prince will grant her justice; but her fairy godmother shatters her hope with the news that the prince has died in battle. Allia escapes in search of her own happy ending, but her journey draws her into the turbulent waters of war and politics in a kingdom where the prince’s death has left chaos and division.

Cinder Allia turns a traditional fairy tale upside down and weaves it into an epic filled with espionage, treason, magic, and romance. What happens when the damsel in distress must save not only herself, but her kingdom? What price is she willing to pay for justice? And can a woman who has lost her prince ever find true love?

“Art -- the fresh feeling, new harmony, the transforming magic which by means of myth brings back the scattered distracted soul from its modern chaos -- art, not politics, is the remedy.”
― Saul Bellow

“I want to stand as close to the edge as I can without going over. Out on the edge you see all kinds of things you can't see from the center.”
― Kurt Vonnegut, Player Piano  

Coming Summer of 2017!

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