Karen Ullo, author

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A Sequel to Jennifer the Damned

I've only just started on this one, so there isn't much to say yet except, you asked for it, so it's coming! A certain "brother" to Jennifer is getting his own book, and it's guaranteed to be just as bloody and unexpected as the first.

Wondering what I've been up to? Here's a preview of things to come!

Cinder Allia

This is a good, old-fashioned fairy tale, complete with knights, castles, magic, war, espionage, and of course, romance. I have re-imagined Cinderella with one big difference. On page one, her fairy godmother announces that the prince has been killed in battle. Easy rescue and “happily ever after” are no longer possible, but Allia de Camesbry must still find a way to escape her stepmother’s brutality and live the future for which she is destined, as a queen. 

Best of all, Cinder Allia is finished! I'm just exploring my various publishing options before I invite you to be enchanted.